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James Clark: gone, left the building
Jeff Adkins: drums, lyrics
Mark Coomer: guitar, bass, vocals, lyrics


All original rock and roll. A wide variety of styles are incorporated into the music, from southern, classic, alternative rock, and some indie. It's all rock with the roll.

Wuz happening?

* The songs are ready. The rehearsal space is heated and air conditioned. There's even a bass rig waiting for you if you're too lazy to bring your own.
We need someone who has the desire to play, create and learn 10 to 20 originals all ready written, can't be lazy in that part.
You don't need to be a master of the craft (although that would be nice) but, need to be able to keep a solid groove and add some tasty fills where needed.
Our style is definately rooted in classic rock, 70's and 80's(Boston and The Cars)with new classic rock revival (Nickel Back, Three Doors Down, Black Crowes) but, we also branch out in newer alternative styles of (Staind, The Breeders, White Stripes).
We will play out as soon you're ready.

Rock on,
Mark and Jeff,
* Curently, we are looking for a new bass player. James has left the building.
* Pics of our show @ Never on Sundays here
* 12 song Cd "Oasis" is finished! Check back for release date! 

clubwear,body jewelry



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